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You will find Mersea Island in north eastern corner of the county of Essex - at the point where the River Blackwater joins the River Colne, ten miles south of Colchester (Britains earliest Roman Town). The island measures five miles by two and is joined to the mainland by a causeway called The Strood.  Twice a day, at Spring Tides, we become a real island.

West Mersea, a town of close to 7,000 folk, lies at the western end of the Island.  Part seaside resort, part sailing centre and part working harbour, ours is a bustling riverside town with a strong sense of community.  Our website will tell you a lot about what West Mersea Town Council is up to and a lot more besides!



Click on this link to take you to a webcam of  THE STROOD so you can see in "real time" the state of the tide and  any queues of traffic. www.stroodcam.co.uk  

10th July at 7PM 
Meetings are held in the Council Chamber - Melrose Road

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The new Skatepark in the School Field is now up and running and seems to be very popular.  New bins and seats will soon be in place - grass seeding and landscaping carried out.  There is still more work to be done on the Park as a whole and the 



2014 has been a year of progress and success on a number of fronts but at the same time much remains "work in progress".  Our sub committees have worked hard and very effectively.  They, of course, include members of the public which not only allows islanders to have a more direct say in our proceedings but gives us a wider scope for ideas and opinions.

Crime and Safety - Chaired by Cllr Alan Mogridge.

We are glad to report that this has been a fairly quiet year on the burglary and vandalism front - although there is considerable worry on the waterfront particularly concerning the theft of expensive outboard engines.  Policing issues are over shadowed by the uncertaining concerning the role of our PCSO's - especially funding.  However, we have been told that there will be no redundancies.  On being asked out views we said that we would be pleased to continue with our contribution but could not afford the whole cost to keep the scheme running, but would be happy to share with surrounding villages.  We await the outcome.

Our Zone Wardens who came to us from CBC have done tremendous work on the island - we are grateful to have them.

Footpaths and Cycle Paths

Whilst there has been considerable excitement about the possibility of a cycleway to Colchester, with recent tightening of funds this scheme has, for the moment, been shelved and so apart from making sure footpaths remain open and accessible - there has been no activity on this front.


Traffic and Transport

This Committee has met regularly and spent considerable time identifying and monitoring traffic hotspots.  A survey of islanders views on speed limits was inconclusive although there were many views expressed on such places as Tesco Corner and parking in Yorick Road.  Making progress with County Highways is an uphill battle but we hope to set up a meeting shortly to put forward some well reasoned proposals.

The Parking Partnership on Car Parks between us and the Borough now meets four times per year and is entirely peopled by our Councillors.  Issues such as the evening charge of 50p which has now been dropped and requests for more appropriate signage are ongoing and are regularly discussed as do all charges and incomes.  The scheme has been a remarkeable success since the proceeds are split 50/50 between CBC and ourselves - after the 10% of turnover cost of running the scheme and VAT has been deducted.  We now have a full year under out belts and our share has exceeded £33,000.  Most of this is generated from long stay which has to be from 90% visitors.  All this is of benefit to islanders.



Chaired by Cllr Bev Perkins theis committee is well suported by waterfront users, both professional and amateur.  The Hammerhead is a central issue where last year the usage was extreme - the problem of proper deterrents becoming high priority - progress on the installation of CCTV cameras in the area is ongoing.

Parking in Coast Road has been a problem and the extension of the ban on parking in the waterfront area will be established permanently this year. Speeding, particularly by wetbikes, is a constant problem since the Town Hard is the only free launch are on the Blackwater.

Youth Interest Group

Formed by Cllr Wendy Bixby to engage youngsters of the island - particularly their views on recreation.  A good number of their suggestions and ideas have been incorporated into the new Skate Park.

The Council organised a "Fun Day" on the Legion Field on the 29th June which included a full display of information abouth "Mersea Park"and the multi wheeled Skate Park facility - a worthwhile marketing and fund raising event.

Environment Committee

Just before Christmas the Heritage Trail around St Peter's Meadow was officially opened.  It included improvements to the Monkey Steps - additional boardwalks and three information boards.  A grant of £16,000 from Natural England paid for this whole operation. Not only is it a great benefit to visitors but something we can build on in the future.  A Heritage Trail Pamphlet and a Heritage Trail Booklet were also produced.

Refurbishment of Village Centre 

This year we hope to see improvements and updating of the centre of the village near the war memorial, library and surrounding area.  A number of designs and drawings have come forward which are under consultation with various interested parties and we hope to see this come to fruition this summer.


Having withdrawn our attempt to build a new £1million Pavilion atThe Glebe to include the Rugby Club - the Council then secured a grant of £23,000 from Sport England and £10,000 from ECC Emergency Response Fund to enable a complete refurbishment of present Glebe Pavilion which is now complete

Rugby Club Changing Facility Building

This Facility is currently being built between the Pavilion and the Tennis Club.  Yet again grants were obtained from the RFU and Sport England totalling around £150,000.  This building will be ready in time for the next winter season when Rugby will be played for the first time in West Mersea using a pitch on the New Glebe.  The integration between Rugby and Football players and their vehicles will need to be monitored carefully.


Glebe Hedge

The hedge along the Colchester Road is in a bad state and we have ordered a ten foot wire fence to be erected along the entire length of the old Glebe.  The cost of this will be in the order of £8000.  We are also redirecting a walkway runing along the outside of the hedge coming through to the inside with a bridge across the ditch at the northern end - for public safety.


The Allotments are now in their fifth successful year.  They still have a waiting list for plots and produce a small net balance to the Council even though the rent is just short of £4000.  They are well managed and an asset to the island.


Mersea Park

The new Skatepark is Cllr Wendy Bixby's project.  Thanks to the securing of several major grants - £50,000 from Magnox - £50,000 from Veolia - £10,000 from Cory Environmental - plus a further £20,000 from Section 106 (Planning) funding.

There has been controversy that it was wrong that the Skatepark takes space away from the Village Youth Field - we disagree believing that this is a major facility for the Youth of the island.  We have now secured the right from Mersea School to be able to use the Legion Field and the Barfield Road entrance and for the first time the gates will be unpadlocked and open. The Legion Field will have goal posts - it has a much better playing surface than the Youth Field ever had for that purpose.

We are now in a position to open up all three fields to create a West Mersea Park -without having to go through school gardens - keeping it secure for infants.  We hope to have all this work completed for opening in September this year.

New Public Toilets

Subject to a revised Planning Application we propose to construct a new Public Toilet near to the Barfield Road entrance to the School Gardens - for the use of both park users and passers by.  The cost will be in the region of £50,000 which we will spread over ten years under a combined finance and maintenance service with the builder/manufacturer.

 Whilst on the subject of Public Toilets Colchester Borough have suggested that we might like to take over the management and running of most of West Mersea's toilets under the auspices of "transferring of assets".  A delegation from the Beach Hut Users Group attended a recent Environment Meeting and were at pains to point out that the Borough receives well over £80.000 a year in hut rentals and together with the car park income is about five times as mich it is to run the Esplanade toilets.  CBC firmly believe that we need both toilets.  We will watch developments in the coming year.

In Conclusion

WEst Mersea Council has had a very busy year and achieved a number of objectives with much more to follow.  I must say that as Mayor, what a dedicated bunch of Councillors I have had the pleasure of working alongside - they all care and are a great credit to this community.

My wife Liz and I have immensely enjoyed the challenge that Mayoral duties have brought and I hope that the Council can go forward and achieve much that we have all set out to achieve before well before our wholesale re-election next year (2015).


Peter Clements - Town Mayor - May 2014



Parking Reminder



The Penalty for non display of a ticket in any West Mersea Car Park is £50
or £25 if paid within 14 days



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