West Mersea is served by a number of Councillors, an MP and an MEP, all working to get the best for their constituents. 

The first tier is West Mersea Town Council. The council consists of nine councillors and elections are held every 4 years. The next election for West Mersea Town Council positions will be in May 2019, when all seats will be up for election. 

The second tier is Colchester Borough Council. West Mersea is within the Mersea and Pyefleet ward and is served by 3 Borough Councillors. These councillors also represent the surrounding parishes that make up the Mersea and Pyefleet ward. There are a total of 51 Borough Councillors serving 17 wards. Borough Councillors serve a term of 4 years with elections on a rotational basis. The next Borough Councillor elections for West Mersea will be in 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

Next comes Essex County Council. There are 75 County Councillors covering 70 divisions, with one representing this area (Mersea and Tiptree). Elections are every 4 years, having just been held on 4th May 2017. [see results]

West Mersea is within the area of the Member of Parliament (MP) serving the Harwich and North Essex and constituency and voted for in a General Election. 

There are currently 73 UK MEP's, and West Mersea is within the Eastern Region. Elections are held every 5 years and the next election will be in 2019, by which time the UK will likely no longer be a member state and therefore not eligible to have MEP's. 

For information on applying for different ways of voting, such as by proxy or postal votes, please visit www.yourvotematters.co.uk/how-do-i-vote