Power Station History

Bradwell Nuclear Power Station was built in 1962 and opened on 5th May 1963. On a typical day it produced enough power to serve the electrical needs of three towns the size of Colchester.

The Station ceased generating electricity in March 2002. Defuelling of the Reactors began in March 2003 - all fuel elements had been removed by December 2005. Magnox are the management contractors responsible for all aspects of decommissioning, Magnox is owned by American based company Cavendish Fluor Partnership.

In 2005 the NDA - Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - took over ownership of the old Bradwell Power Plant. The Station was due to be fully decommissioned and in a Care and Maintenance mode by 2015, this date keeps being revised. During 2016 the date was to be 2019 but this was revised in December to the end of 2018.